DNA Systems Services


We do I.T. All

We are a one-stop shop for all your I.T. needs from IT Managed services to computer repair, data recovery, and so much more. Take a look below.

Personal Computer Repair & Networking

  • Apple & Microsoft Computer Repair (Does your computer have a virus or is your computer running slow or needs some upgrades?)
  • New Computers (Do want a new computer for the office or gaming?)
  • Data Recovery (Have you deleted something you needed to keep or is your hard drive, USB, or SD Card blank?)
  • Networking (Is your wireless internet slow but you're paying for high-speed internet?)

Business IT Managed Services & Repair

  • Hardware Assessments (Workstations, servers, network equipment, and backup solutions)
  • I.T. Managed Service (Taking care of your workstations, servers, and data backup infrastructure)
  • Network Safe & Secure Management & so much more

VAST Service

  • VAST (Vulnerable & Seniors Technologies) was built from the ground up to help and protect the vulnerable and seniors with their technology. We aim to protect them from online scammers and unauthorized use of their computers.  VAST is someone to trust when the vulnerable need assistance. We give them their independence back without them having to call their family and friends for help. We recently added a new feature called ‘Family Connect’ that allows families to connect in a new way with file sharing ie. pictures, videos, and documents. 

Web & Social

  • Website hosting, backups & SEO
  • Graphic design (logos, ads, print designs)
  • Social media management

Recycle Service

  • We recycle your old devices (Desktop, Laptops, Tablets, and Cell phones) We will make sure your data is erased or the drives are destroyed at your request for data protection. We do our best to repurpose all devices that we are provided to keep them out of landfills.